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The three basic principles of marketing are:
1) Get their attention.
2) Offer a good product or service at a good price.
3) Offer something free as a bonus.

We live in a remarkable time. Assuming you've taken care of 2) and 3), anyone who lives in a city that has Craigslist can start a successful business. Even with the economy the way it is. Lucky us! The reason is that there's a way to market that didn't exist before. It's to use a combination of Craigslist and a website to attract customers. Whether you offer a service (like petcare or massage or midwifery) or a product (like earrings or antiques or pet gift baskets) this is what works these days. If you can use a word processor and go online, you can do this. It's complicated, but if you take it a step at a time, it's also simple.


So here it is, as of 10-31-05. I've tried to think this through, and here's my advice on how to start a successful business. By successful I mean you have a waiting list. It'll cost you $100, and you'll need a credit card to start building your website. No guarantees, but it worked for me, and the woman who taught it to me. You're welcome to mail me with questions.

Overview: the website is the heart and center of marketing. All your other forms of advertising (business cards, Craigslist ad, other bulletin board ads, flyers, posters, mailers, links, directory listings, search engine listings) point to that. But a website by itself isn't enough. Neither is Craigslist, but together they work like a charm. This strategy is about linking them.

Hint: in addition to what you do locally, it's good strategy to offer a service over the phone, counseling or advice or consulting, something like that, so people all over the world can pay you money.

So here's how to get clients to come to you:
1) Put an ad on Craigslist.
2) Churn your ad every 4 days.
3) Build a website.
4) Link your website to Craigslist.
5) Add pictures to your Craigslist ad.
And if you want more than local business:
6) Link your website to directories.
7) Link to websites.
8) Apply to search engines.

To add more detail:

1) Put an ad on Craigslist. (Hint: Write any text for Craigslist or your website with a word processor like Wordpad, and keep those files in their own folder, perhaps called Website.) Write the ad (using HTML to change the colors of the text from black, and for breaks and text size). A longer ad is better. Then go to craigslist at www.portland.craigslist.com. Click on Post a Listing. Paste your text into the appropriate window. The HTML commands you need to know are in the next section, called HTML, with a sample to show you how they're used. (You'll also need HTML in building your website.)

2) The engine that drives this motorcar is churning: Save the email you get from Craigslist when you post your ad, and use it to access your ad for changes or to delete it. Once you have an ad on Craigslist, delete it every 4th day and re-enter it, to move it up to the top of the list. If you move it oftener, you'll get reported and rebuked, so don't do that. But don't churn less often, as you want lots of people to see your ad.

3) Build a website. A website should be a treasure trove, a place to play, full of interesting and humorous stuff. Give people lots of reasons to come there.
I recommend Home Excellence as a webhost. They have excellent site-building software called Site Builder, with lots of templates, easy to use. They're cheap and reliable. Go to www.hostexcellence.com to sign up. You'll need a credit card on hand. Rent is $3 a month, payable 2 years in advance ($72) in order to avoid a $20 sign up fee. Plus $30 for renting a domain name for 2 years, for a total of $102.

But before go online to sign up or start building a website, you need to first decide on a domain name. You'll have to pay $15 a year to reserve one with Host Excellence. Most people use their own names or a business name. I use "invisiblecows.com" cuz it's memorable. Warning: think carefully. To change your domain name later will cost you $15 and will mean rebuilding your website from scratch. (How about dotcom.com or inner.com?)

You also need to write out a title, a description and a list of keywords. (Together these are called metatags. They make your website visible to spiders and search engines.) These can be changed anytime later. The instructions to write your metatags and a sample are in the section called Metatags.

Before you go online, write out the text for the various pages you're going to want. (You can go to my website to see what I have there: invisiblecows.com.) Use ariel as your font, as only 3 fonts are displayed on all browsers, and ariel is one of them. Save text files you're going to upload in Rich Text Format (.rtf). Write the HTML commands in the appropriate places.

Also before you start, gather the pictures you're going to want on your website. Scan them at 75 dpi, low resolution. There's plenty of detail for a website, and they upload quicker. Save them in .jpg format. Very important: the most important picture on your website is a recent one of you, laughing or smiling. This is the engine that drives your marketing.

Then go online and get started. After you get your account open, they will send you an email. Use that email to go to the Login Page. Or you can just go there by using the URL: www.manage.hostexcellence.com. The first time you go to the login page, make that page one of your favorites, since you'll be coming here often to start editing your site.

One of the first decisions you'll have to make is deciding on a Website Template for your homepage. Site Builder has dozens. (I used "Plain, Saffron" for my homepage. You can go to janetttewarren.com and see a website made with "Pink Panther, Blue.") This decision doesn't need to be carefully made, because you can change it later anytime. (Hint: change the Website Template for each page as you build, so your website will have sparkle and variety.)

When you get to the workpage, how do you drive it? You'll find there are three tabs available and 6 buttons. The tabs are labled View, Edit and Settings. The buttons are Publish, Add A Page, Order Pages, Site Map, and Site Settings. View is where you look at what you're working on. Edit is the place you upload pictures and text. Settings is where you name the page and your own buttons, and you can make the page invisible. Publish is how you save the work you've done, as it moves it from the workspace to the actual website. Order Pages is how you change the order of the buttons on your site. Site Map is helpful for navigating around the site. Site Settings takes you to a menu where you can change a lot of stuff, including the Website Template. (Hint: if you want to change a page without changing the whole website, click on Site Settings, then click on "Change Website color and style," then click on the check box next to "Apply Color Scheme To All Pages Of Your Website" to uncheck it before clicking on Next.)

Add A Page takes you to a menu where you can choose a Page Template. They've got a bunch. These are the ones you'll need most. For my opening page I used Welcome. Generic page is good cuz the homepage has unlimited space for paragraphs with photo, and each subpage has the same. Download is good cuz you can give people a buttons to download files. (A tip for the download page is to have 2 versions of your text, one with HTML to display and one without to download.) Firm Profile is good because it has unlimited space for paragraphs with pictures. Frequently Asked Questions is good cuz it has active text elements at the top which click to paragraphs below. Internet Links is for making links. Survey Form is where people can fill out a form and email it to you. Driving Directions is where you can get directions and a map.

(See the section on Page Templates for more information.)

Once you've chosen a page template, you use View, Edit and Settings to make it what you want. Then use Publish to save your work. Save the website itself from time to time.

Hyperlinks: These are great. You can make any text element clickable, and it goes to another page, even an invisible one. So you can simplify the button structure on the left-hand side of your page by making some of them invisible (using the Settings tab). Then the way you get to those pages is with hyperlinks.
There are 2 ways to make a hyperlink: click on the Edit tab, then load up your text, then click on the bar that says "Launch full screen rich text editor." Once it loads, selext the text you want and click the hyperlink button. That brings up a menu. Enter the URL of the page you want to click to. (If you don't know it, go to that page when you're not in editing mode, do a right click, and click on Properties.) The Full Screen Rick Text Editor won't load up with all browsers. If it doesn't load up with yours, go to www.advancedbrowser.com and download Advanced Browser. It takes 5 minutes. Then once you go online with your regular broswer, switch to Advanced Browser.
The other way to make a hyperlink is to do it manually. Put the command {A class=RE href="http://www.YourDomain.com/PageName.html"}Text Element{/A} in your text, replacing { and } with < and >.

4) Link your ad on Craigslist to your website, so people can go there with a single click. All you need to do is put your complete domain name (for example: http://www.invisiblecows.com) in a sentence in the Craigslist ad. "Click here: http://www.invisiblecows.com to go to my website."

5) Add pictures to your Craigslist ad. (Your pictures have to be living on a website somewhere before you can put them on Craigslist.) Then all it takes is an HTML command, which you can see in the file called About HTML. And also right here: the command is img src=http://www.yourdomainname.com/filename/photoname.jpg. Go to your website and right click on the picture and then click on Properties to get the address of the picture for the command. You can even use pictures that aren't living on your own website. Add the command img src = http://www.invisblecows.com/images/Whale.jpg or img src = http://www.invisblecows.com/images/LeapingGargoyle.jpg to your craigslist text, and see what happens.

6) If you want more than local business, apply to directories. (See the list in the attachment called About Directories, and you can use your search function to find more of them. They're important, because most of the traffic to your site will come from directories.)

7) Link your website to other websites. (In order to give you a higher ranking with search engines. Only reciprocal links count. A total of 100 links would be great.)

8) Apply to search engines. (submit.com is the best, as they submit your site to all the rest of the search engines. Then you resubmit to submit.com once a month.)

Here's a version of instructions you can download:

Download instructions.rtf



To control your ad on Craigslist, you need to know some Hyper Text Markup Language. But don't worry, you only need to know 8 words in this new language. Commands always are surrounded by <>. In this page the chevrons are replaced by { and }.

{h1} the largest size of type, down to h6 the smallest size of type. I usually use h4.
{br} line break
{p} paragraph break
{hr} hard return, a paragraph break with a solid line across the page
{center} centers the following type
{/center} ends the center command
{img src=http://www.yourdomainname.com/filename/photoname.jpg} This is the command used to post pictures on your craigslist ad. you'll learn how to use this later.
  {A class=RE href="http://www.YourDomain.com/PageName.html"}Text Element{/A} This is the command for HYPERLINKING text. You can do it with the rich text editor or you can do it this way.

{font color = 8A2BE2} This makes the following type the color you command. There are lots of colors available. Here are the ones I use:
aqua, navy, blue, purple, fuchsia, red, gray, silver, green, teal, lime, white, maroon, yellow, 7fffd4 (aquamarine), 8a2be2 (blueviolet), ffe4c4 (lite wood), d2691e (chocolate), ff7f50 (coral), 6495ed (cornflower), dc143c (crimson), 9932cc (orchid), 1e90ff (Doger blue), 228b22 (forest green), ffd700 (gold), daa520 (goldenrod), cd5c5c (indian red), ff69b4 (pink), e6e6fa (lavender), 20b2aa (seagreen), ff4500 (orange red), d87093 (violet red), dda0dd (plum), ee82ee (violet)

Here's a version of HTML you can download:

Download About_HTML.rtf


In order to build a website, you'll also need to come up with what are called metatags. These are to make your website visible to spiders so search engines can find your site. There are 3 metatags: the title tag, the description tag, and the keywords tag. The title tag should be more than 30 but less than 60 characters long. The description tag should be around 110 characters. The keywords tag should be not more than 800 characters. Only the keywords tag should have commas.
Here are some samples:
Title tag: >30&<60 characters: Roger Fritz MS counselor Portland couple crisis anger love (59 characters)
Description tag: 110 characters: wholistic affordable counseling near downtown self defense depression social assertiveness relationship skills (108 characters)
Keywords with commas: Portland, Oregon, Multnomah, southeast, se, humanistic, therapy, therapist, life, coach, helper, marriage, premarital, lover, artist, gay, lesbian, bohemian, brief, gestalt, crisis, abuse, growth, confidence, esteem, worth, affordable, warrior, martial, aikido, christian, buddhist, pagan, yoga, eck, dream, Erickson, Milton Erickson, John Gray, nonviolent, violence, aggression, management, stress, bipolar, negotiation, individual, support, awareness, Fritz Perls, mystery, mystical, magic, magical, magician, magicians, magus, poetry, poetic, practical, effective, professional, experienced, introspective, communication, assertive, negotiation, sex, acceptance, resilience, Isis, musical, music, fantasy, judo, jujitsu, taikwando, low cost, cheap, personality disorder, disorders

Here's a version of Metatags you can download:

Download About_metatags.rtf

Page Templates

Here's a guide to the Page Templates on Host Excellence:

Splashscreen: This screen I don't understand. It's one of the 3 possible home pages.
About: This screen has places for 5 pictures, each with a title and paragraph.
Generic page: This page has a place for text, and an unlimited number of sub-pages.
Welcome: This screen has a place for a picture, and text underneath. One of the 3 possible home pages.
Flashsplash: This screen I don't understand. It's one of the 3 possible home pages.
Internet Links: This screen has a place for text, and then an unlimited number of links.
Download Page: This screen has a place for text, and then an unlimited number of downloads, each with it's own paragraph.
Firm Profile: This screen has a place for text, and then an unlimited number of paragraphs, each with it's own picture.
Survey Form: This screen has the ability to build a form people can answer online and click on a button to email to you.
Frequently Asked Questions: This screen has a list of text elements at the top, that click to paragraphs below.
New and Events: This page has a space for text, and then an unlimited number of paragraphs.
Careers/Jobs: This page has 2 places for text, and then an unlimited number of paragraphs.
Driving Directions: This page has a place for text, and then a place to enter an address and get directions.
Catalog Page: This page has space for an unlimited number of images, text and optional BUY NOW buttons.
Add-A-Cart Catalog: This page has everything you need to operate an online business.
Amazon.com webstore: This page has what you need to sell on Amazon.com.
ICQ Contact Center: This only works if you have an ICQ program installed on your PC.
Site Map: This page is completely useless, as far as I can tell.
Your Own HTML: This page you can write from scratch with HTML code.
External Page: This does something, but I don't know what.

Here's a version of Templates you can download:

Download About_templates.rtf


Link to these Directories first

1) www.superpages.com,
2) www.curezone.com,
3) www.infowizards.com,
4) www.prosperity.com,
5) www.spirithit.com
6) www.333connect.com,
7) www.steppingstones.to/light/,
8) www.soulmindbody.net,

Link to these Directories next

1) www.bodymindspiritdirectory.org,
2) www.pilgrimsmindbodyspirit.co.uk,
3) www.usenature.com,
4) www.holisticpractitionersnetwork.com,
5) www.globalinetbiz.net,
6) www.ipadma.com,
7) www.energeticarts.com,
8) www.spirituallightjourneys.com,
9) www.books-galore.8m.com,
10) www.dmoz.org,
11) www.webspirit.com,
12) www.spiritandsky.com,
13) www.spiritualsearch.net,
14) www.spiritdimension.com,
15) www.yogadirectory.com,
16) www.natureiq.com,
17) www.new-age-spirituality.com,
18) www.spiritsearch.com,
19) www.globalvisions.org,
20) www.the dreamtime.com/pathways/,
21) www.fexweb.com,
22) www.spiritonline.com,
23) www.ascension.net,
24) www.onemission.com,
25) www.spiritfind.com,

Link to these sites next

1) www.heroinhelp.net
2) www.spiritcircle.ca
3) www.psychiclynx.com
4) www.my-find.net,
5) www.holisticjunction.com
6) www.bodykind.com
7) www.uranking.com
8) www.justbirdhouses.net 9) www.paganart.dreamdivining.com/activepagannetwork.html
10) www.BigWorldGifts.com
11) www.acecatfurniture.com
12) www.spiritcircle.ca
13) www.uniomystica-usa.com/
14) www.hallsofreiki.com
15) www.lifesource.co.uk
16) www.psychicmarie.com/
17) www.MountainValleyCenter.com
18) www.digitalnaturopath.com
19) www.store.abc-antiaging.com
20) www.naturalpetsystems.com

Link to these sites next

1) www.beyondtheillusion.net
2) www.whitewolfmajicfinds.com
3) www.easyjewelryonline.com/
4) www.feelyoungernow.com,
5) www.ancient-wisdoms.com
6) www.chineseherbsdirect.com/
7) www.millineumbooksandgifts.com

Here's a version of Directories you can download:

Download About_directories.rtf