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The services I offer are:

1) Individual counseling, and training in untalk,

2) Couple counseling, and untalk training,

3) Phone counseling, and untalk training,

4) Skills training in general,

5) Support Groups for people doing untalk,

6) One-day Seminars in Untalk.

Phone counseling:

You can make inquiries by email or over the phone, or you can make an appointment to learn untalk over the phone.
A copy of my book, "I Know What To Do, I Just Don't Do It" is available online for free.
I like my phone clients to email me a picture of themselves. No particular reason, it's just fun to know what you look like.

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Individual Counseling:

I've worked in crisis and county clinics, so there's not a lot I haven't seen. Currently my clients are often people recovering from bad childhoods or stress, or dealing with depression or panic. Some are learning how to get needs met, build a good life. Some are coming in by themselves to do premarital counseling, or fix relationships between parents and teenagers, or between lovers. Some are learning self care and self defense, or searching for goals and dreams. I've had clients who were looking for the meaning of life. Some are dealing with being minorities (like artists or bohemians), that sort of thing. Mostly what I do is teach you how to do untalk so that you can help yourself deal with these things.

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Couple counseling:

I have a particular fondness for couple counseling. It's such fun helping people build a good relationship. My counseling is based what's been shown to work. So it usually involves hearing your stories, and helping find clarity. It almost always involves airing your complaints about each other, and each others' requests of each other, and what it takes for each person to feel loved. And counseling often involves building skills: communication, assertiveness, negotiation, acceptance, play.... Play is one of the most important....
Sometimes couples are in crisis. Or perhaps there's abuse going on. I've worked in crisis and county clinics, so I've worked with heavy-duty abusers in full stride. Usually their hearts are good, but they were mistreated when they were young. Sheep in wolf's clothing....
Let me tell you a story. A young couple came in, just out of college. I'll came them Bill and Helen. He had the mannerisms of an abuser. For instance, he went around with a scowl on his face all the time, and wasn't aware of it. She had a few bad habits easily fixed, but it took a painful confrontation with Bill for him to understand how impossible it would be for him to succeed without some radical change, either in a career or with Helen. He took the feedback in the spirit it was given, and began to change his outer behaviors to match the good heart within. In a few months he'd been set on a new path. More by Helen than by me, I must say. I'm just the assistant. And primarily by his own courage. Brave man....
If you'd like to check your own relationship for abusive behaviors, I include an Abuse Checklist.

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Skills Training:

SKILLS TRAINING: If you master the necessary skills, you can have a good life right here on Earth. If you get good enough at the art of self defense, for example, then anywhere you go in the world, you're safe.

We live in a time when the skills are known. They're not particularly exotic, and they work quite well. Part of my job as counselor is to make sure you have a full set of tools in your toolbag.

They can be a bit hard to learn. The devil's in the details, of course, and getting them into practice can be tricky. Part of a counselor's job is to help with this stage.

We need self-worth skills, self-care skills like untalk. And we need communication, assertiveness and self-defense skills. We need negotiation and relationship skills and love skills.

With them, our life can become rich and satisfying. It's not enough to be safe. One needs excitement and satistaction in life, too.

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Support Groups:

I offer support groups fro people going through the untalk process. None are going at the moment. If there were, we would meet once a week and talk. And untalk. The group's job is to support your understanding and growth. There's something magical about group process.... Click here.

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Seminar in Untalk:

Seminar in Untalk: I offer an all-day class in Untalk. It's five or six people, usually, and we have a potluck lunch. There's plenty of time for any questions you might have. And there's plenty of time to practice untalk.

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